Australia plans to kill over two million homeless, community cats to solve cat overpopulation.

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In order to control cat overpopulation in Australia and to save other wildlife, Australia’s Minister Hunt and the Department of the Environment announced a plan to kill over two million cats in Australia by 2020.

Leading the charge against this effort is Alley Cat Allies’ Founder and President, Becky Robinson. She recently made a trip to Australia to present at the Helen Woodward Animal Center’s The Business of Saving Lives conference in Sydney. She spoke about Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and other nonlethal population control programs that have been proven successful in the U.S. and other countries.

Becky Robinson speaking about Australia's cat overpopulation

Becky Robinson at The Business of Saving Lives conference in Australia

Robinson and other experts contend that cats are not to blame for the the extinction of certain wildlife, but instead, natural habitat destruction and urban sprawl are the root cause. Killing these cats will not improve things for other wildlife.

“Given the evidence from decades of cat killing campaigns in the United States, Britain, Denmark, Israel, Canada, and Italy, it would be foolish to think Australia’s current plan will reduce cat populations or bring any benefit to wildlife,” Robinson said. “In short, the plan is cruel and ineffective.”

TNR programs are the best and most humane way to control cat overpopulation on a long-term basis; and many countries have successfully implemented these programs.

How can you help?

Sign the pledge by Alley Cat Allies to show your support of humane methods, like TNR, to control the cat overpopulation problem in Australia. Let’s join with our friends in Australia to ask Minister Hunt to end his department’s plan to kill millions of cats.

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What do you think about Australia’s plan to cull the cat population? Do you support TNR programs?

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  1. Forhan


  2. Linda Cambridge

    Typical human destruction of innocent animals to solve a problem of our own making..pointless and disgusting..

  3. Linda Cambridge

    Why do humans think destruction is the answer to everything..

  4. Linda van Vliet

    I love cats as they are so adorable, I don’t know how anyone can think cats are a nuisance. Why can’t Australia implement a programme to sterilize their ferral cats as we do in South Africa, after they have been sterilized the ear is nipped so we know which ones have been sterilized and then they are put back in the wild. After all they play a big part in keeping unwanted critters away.

  5. Tim eaton

    Just wrong no animal deserves this abuse


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