It’s no secret that the ancient Egyptians were obsessed with cats. Until recently, scientists believed that cats were revered for their personalities and their practical abilities in keeping rodent and serpent populations under control. Recently, a more sinister side to the ancient Egyptians feline worship has come to light. It turns out that they had farms dedicated to raising millions of kittens solely for the purpose of killing, mummifying and burying them alongside the people who revered them. The situation presents a startling duality unbeknownst previously.

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Why were the ancient Egyptians obsessed with cats?

(Image credit: Daniel Simon/Contributor /Gamma-Rapho via Getty Image) The ancient Egyptians are famed for their fondness of all things feline. There's no shortage of cat-themed artifacts - from larger-than-life statues to intricate jewelry - that have survived the millennia since the pharaohs ruled the .