Amazon Boxes Are Not Dangerous To Cats

As cat owners, we know how much our cats love boxes. Amazon deliveries are a cause of celebration…until a recent rumor about them made the rounds on the internet.

We’re happy to tell you that Amazon boxes are not dangerous for your cat. USA Today investigated the myth that has been going around on social media and the internet in the last week or so. The initial post claimed that Amazon’s boxes were sprayed with pesticides, insecticides and rodenticides and have led to cats becoming ill. It’s good to hear that Amazon has denied that claim and stated that they don’t use any of those substances on their boxes. USA Today also discussed the matter with officials at Georgia Pacific, International Paper, and the Fiber Box Association to see if they possibly use or know of the use of these chemicals in boxes. USA Today also spoke with several veterinarians and none were aware of any cases of harm to cats from boxes.

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While the story is not true, it should make every pet owner think about what they are bringing into the house. If you’re having dangerous or poisonous items shipped to your house, think about the safety of your cat or any other pet that shares your home. For example, if you had rat poison shipped to your house, you probably should not allow your cat to play with the box that the rodent killer was shipped in. It’s possible that rat poison could spill out of its container (even in trace amounts) and into the box, and potentially poisoning your cat.

Use common sense and protect your pets. You can also educate yourself on household items that you may think are harmless, but actually pose a hazard to pets – like many fresh flowers.

Fact check: Amazon does not spray its boxes with any pesticides, aren’t dangerous for cats

It’s no secret that cats love boxes. In July 2020, USA TODAY reported that as part of its “Less Packaging, More Smiles” initiative, Amazon introduced a built-in play factor in its shipping boxes allowing them to be turn into “cat condos.” But a Facebook post claims cat owners should be wary of Amazon boxes.