Have you thought about what might happen to your cats if something happened to you? What if you were seriously injured or even died…?(eek)  I know, sorry to be morbid – but being a responsible pet parent means thinking about what would happen to your pets if you couldn’t be there for them. 
We all know that cats are notoriously quirky. As pet owners, oftentimes we are the only ones who truly know and understand our pet’s quirks. A new service called KittyShield, offers pet owners peace-of-mind with a new cat-centric database and notification system where cat owners can document their cat’s information and care instructions and assign guardians that can step in, in case of an emergency. 

What is KittyShield and How Does It Work?

KittyShield works in two ways – first you document your cat’s preferences in KittyShield’s database (up to 10 cats per account!). Next, you assign up to 3 guardians. These guardians essentially act as your cat’s godparents. If something happens to you, your cat’s guardian’s will step in and coordinate care. They’ll have access to all of the information you’ve provided and can make the best decisions for your cats knowing your wishes. 

Database Details Your Cat’s Lifestyle & Care Instructions

With KittyShield you can enter all of your cat’s preferences – essentially documenting their lifestyle and care instructions. The database and information you provide acts like your cat’s voice (if they had one). Does your cat only like a certain brand of food? A certain flavor or texture? No problem.  Enter that information into the KittyShield database and you’re all set! What about their litter box? Do they hate scented litter? Love a covered litter box? Whatever lifestyle your cat is leading – just document it and your cat’s guardians can ensure that their way of life is minimally impacted (we say minimally, because of course, there’s no substitute for you!!)

Emergency Notification System 

KittyShield assigns each pet owner a unique help code and provides each owner with a wallet card, keychain card with the unique code. In the event of an emergency, anyone can text the pet owner’s help code to KittyShield’s toll-free number and the cat’s guardians will be immediately notified by text and email. Since cats can’t text or email, KittyShield does it for them! Guardians have access to one another’s contact information and can coordinate care with one another. 

What about my dog?

Don’t fret! KittyShield is expanding to dogs as well. A complete doggie questionnaire is coming soon, along with a phone app. 

How Do I Sign Up?

Go to KittyShield.co and click “Sign Up.” You’ll create an account and choose a monthly or annual plan. Once you choose your plan, you can start entering the information for each of your cats. KittyShield will send you your wallet card and key tag within 7-10 days of registration.

For a Limited Time…Save 50%

Take advantage of the launch offer and save 50% off of an annual membership in your first year! That’s $19.50 for a full year and peace-of-mind all year! Feel great knowing you’ve done what you can to care for your pets should something happen to you.  Just use code CELEBRATE at checkout and your discount will be applied. Hurry because this special offer expires March 31, 2019.

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Sound off! Tell us what you think in the comments! Do you like this service? Do you have other plans in place? Let us know!!

About the KittyShield

KittyShield is a brand new service from the creator of The Catnip Times (that’s me!). I came up with this service in response to so many cat owners who worry about what might happen to their cat(s) if something happened to them.

The development of KittyShield is a labor of love and a nod to all of us cat parents who worry about the fate of our cats should they outlive us. I hope you love it and I definitely want to hear from you! I hope you’ll try it out (take advantage of the launch offer) and provide your honest feedback so we can continually bring enhancements to this really important service. Thanks so much, xoxo

– Lauren Mieli, Founder, The Catnip Times (and now, KittyShield)