Sharing An Apartment With Your Cat

Although moving into an apartment may be something new and exciting for you, your cat may not share that same feeling. However, there are some things you can do to make the process of adjusting to your new home safe, fun and easy for your feline roommate.

Apartment Safety For Cats Balcony Safety For Cats

Does your new apartment have a balcony? If so, make sure that there are barriers set up so your cat can’t jump or fall through any openings. Additionally, make sure the balcony is off limits to your cat when you’re not home or directly supervising. 

Odor Management For Cats

Living in an apartment may mean that you have less space and might have to cope with the lack of ventilation in your apartment.  To minimize unpleasant odors in your apartment, pick the right kitty litter. Be sure to clean the litter box every day to ensure odors don’t fester. In addition to the litter box, pay special attention to your cat’s food bowl and food area. Regularly cleaning around where your cat eats will help to prevent food odors (and attracting unwanted bugs and other critters).  

Store Dangerous Items Carefully

Lastly we recommend storing dangerous, breakable, and/or poisonous items in sturdy bins inside storage cabinets while you’re away to avoid coming back to broken items your cat could potentially knock over or ingest. Store household items like cleaning supplies, glass and other breakable or toxic items away from where your cat can access them. 

cute and grey cat lying on white chair and looking away in messy kitchen



Entertainment That Brings Out Their Inner Meow

Help your cat feel at home through catification and play. Consider adding cat trees, scratching posts, and/or cat shelves throughout your apartment. Doing so will ensure your cat can scratch, stretch, jump, perch and nap in a comfortable and quiet environment.  Designating areas for your cat will help them adjust and feel at home.Have plenty of toys available for your kitty and schedule time to play with your cat. When you interact with your cat in a fun, positive way, such as through play, you will help your cat feel more at home in your new apartment.

A Special Place For Your Cat

After you and your cat have enjoyed some intense play sessions together in your new digs, they may need a little break from you – and a place to take a quick 12-hour nap! Make sure your cat has their own quiet space in the apartment. Even if you don’t have a ton of square footage there’s lots you can do. From cat condos to cat beds, give your cat some attractive sleeping options. Designating special quiet areas for your cat will help them adjust and feel at home more quickly.

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