Most people agree that our pets make our lives so much better. They are there for us in good times and in bad; and they’re known to reduce our stress levels. If you live in a small space and you feel hesitant about cohabitating with a feline friend – fear not. Living with cats in a small space (and controlling cat odors) is very doable! We’ve outlined our top seven tips for a happy living situation with you and your best feline friend. 

Tip 1: Clean Daily

It may seem obvious and daunting at the same time, but cleaning your small space daily will go a long way in maintaining a livable space for you and your cat. You can do the following in 10 minutes or less each day:

Sweep or vacuum regularly. Use a cordless stick vacuum to quickly and easily remove any cat hair, cat food and other dirt. If you don’t have a vacuum, get the broom out and sweep. It only takes a few minutes. 

Remove cat hair from furniture. A stick vacuum cleaner can help with this as well. If you don’t have a cordless or handheld vacuum, you can wet a washcloth, wring it out and then pass it over surfaces that attract cat hair like couches, upholstered chairs, etc. Rubber gloves are another great tool to remove cat hair from furniture and other fabric surfaces where cat hair accumulates. 

Wash bedding and blankets. Launder other items that fit in the washer, like blankets, cat mats, etc. and launder them weekly to keep your place smelling fresh. 

Bright living room with wood furniture, green upholstery and a cat laying on the couch

Tip 2: Use a Truly Non-Tracking Litter

One of the biggest frustrations expressed by cat owners is the litter box because of the smell and litter tracking throughout the house. Try a non-tracking litter like Skoon Cat Litter. Skoon’s litter is formulated using small pebbles that don’t get caught between your cat’s toes. Skoon’s pebbles are made of ultra lightweight, highly absorbent and natural diatom pebbles, so there’s no dust. The Skoon pebbles stay in the litter box where they belong. No tracking. 

Tip 3: Use Biodegradable Waste Bags

When cleaning your litter box, use biodegradable waste bags typically used for dog waste. Scoop your cat’s waste into the bio-bag and tie it off and throw it away. Any odor will be trapped in the bag and your home will not smell like you are living on a farm. With Skoon, you only need to remove solid waste because urine is 100% absorbed and neutralized on contact with the Skoon pebbles. With other brands, you need to remove both solid and liquid waste. 

Tip 4: Use a Litter that Absorbs Odors Naturally, like Skoon Cat Litter

When it comes to absorbing odors naturally and completely – Skoon cat litter is incredibly effective. When your cat pees in the litter box, the liquid is immediately absorbed by Skoon’s pebbles. We got up close and personal and did a  review of Skoon cat litter and it is amazing at absorbing odors. I also love that odors aren’t covered up by heavy perfumes, but literally disappear on contact – naturally. Skoon is also available in disposable litter boxes too – so you can literally throw out the litter and the box every 2 weeks . Your small space will smell fresher, naturally. 

Cat sitting inside box of Skoon cat litter

Tip 5: Provide Enrichment Spaces For Your Cat

As cat owners, we know that cats will do as they please. We also know that cats are creatures of habit. Whether it’s a favorite sun spot or looking out a window at the world outside, make it easy for your cat to access these areas with a window perch or a cat wall shelf. 

Tip 6: Play & Exercise

Don’t forget to play with your cat. Engaging in regular play helps provide your cat with exercise, reduces stress and increases the bond you have with your kitty. Use a small shallow basket to hold cat toys. Place the basket on the floor and be sure it’s shallow enough that your cat can access them easily. Don’t be surprised if you find toys that you placed in the basket all over your home. Your kitty will learn to take the toys they want to play with – and it’s your job to put them back!

Tip 7: Don’t Use Fragrances to Cover Up Odors

If you find that you are constantly spraying room refreshers or using scented wall plugins to cover up pet odors, you are doing something wrong. When you keep up with cleaning, your house won’t need the heavy perfumed scents. Plus, your cat’s sense of smell is said to be about 14 times as sensitive as the human nose. Your cat can’t tell you, but they probably would prefer that you hold back on those extra scents. 

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