As temperatures rise, people are more likely to travel with their pets. Many people aren’t aware of the extreme danger the heat poses to pets and children. They think that by cracking their window, enough air will get in and prevent the car from reaching dangerously and deadly hot temperatures. Not true. Be sure you know the facts.

Even at a mere 70° your car can reach 90° in a matter of minutes!  Even WITH the windows cracked.

Don’t be foolish – never leave pets or children (or anyone) in a car.  It’s not safe.

What Should You Do if you See a Pet in a Parked Car?

Quite simply, call 911. In many areas, it is illegal to leave children and pets in cars on hot days… and remember, it doesn’t necessarily need to be hot outside for your car to turn into an oven. Stay by the car until help arrives.  You can also notify nearby businesses of the situation, in hopes of finding the vehicle owner.

Check out this great infographic from the ASPCA on hot weather tips and how quickly the temperature inside your car rises.  Please share this with others, as every year, people continue to leave children and pets in parked cars with disastrous consequences.