7 Things NOT To Do To Your Cat

Most cat people know cat behaviorist, Jackson Galaxy, right? I wanted to share his recent video on things you should NOT do to cats because I don’t think it’s often said enough.

One reason why you rarely see my own cats on my blog over the last 10 years is because I have always been of the opinion that my cats are like my kids – I would never put them in harm’s way or use them to get attention on social media or anywhere else. The only time I ever post my cats is for product reviews, when I’m showing them in their natural setting, without forcing them to do anything.

Things I would add to Jackson’s list of “things not to do to your cat”:

  • Don’t adopt a cat or kitten with a disability just so you have interesting content for social media. Many cats with disabilities need a great deal of care, so please don’t exploit your cat.
  • Don’t cart your cat around looking for likes, photos and attention. It’s not fair to your cat.
  • Don’t jump on viral trends (like the cats and cucumbers trend) at the expense of your cat. It’s just not nice.
  • Don’t make your cat sit through endless photo sessions, posing them and constructing scenarios so you can create entertaining content.

Here’s the video from Jackson Galaxy – take a peek and let me know what you would add to the list.