Your Cat Might Secretly Hate Being Pet

I have to say, my cats completely disagree with this article.  They love being petted.  In fact, they love it so much that they drool.  Do your cats like to be pet?  Comment here or on our Facebook page!

PS – Be sure to watch the funny video at the bottom…

via Time Newsfeed by By Samantha Grossman


Petting your cat seems like a concrete way to show him you love him, but it turns out that he might not be such a big fan of your caresses. A new study published in the Journal Physiology and Behavior finds that felines who reluctantly allow their owners to pet them are likely stressing out about it.

In particular, the researchers were curious if cats’ reaction to petting had anything to do with whether or not they lived with other cats. And indeed, there seems to be a connection. As PhysOrg explains:

Although the number of cats in the home did not predict background stress levels, the researchers found that younger cats (less than two years old) living on their own were more stressed than younger ones living in the larger groups.

Evidence was also found to suggest that the owner’s urge to pet their cat may be a stressful experience.

Basically, your obsession with your cat is kiiind of freaking him out, and that stress is only slightly depleted if your house doubles as a cat colony.

Next time you want to give your cat a massage, maybe just keep your hands to yourself and watch this hilarious video instead:

So Your Cat Wants A Massage?

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  1. Mel-chan

    I wonder how they came to such a conclusion…My female cat stretches her head up for my hand when I pretend I’m going to pet her though lol. Her brother dislikes petting most of the time, and only enjoys it very very occasionally.

    • Lauren

      I agree!! My cats love to be petted.

    • Lillian Harris

      My Sokkie hates been pet of that I am absolutely sure. He bits me in the face and struggles like hell to get away. He prefers to come to me when he feels like it, only then am I permitted to pick him up!

      • Admin-Lauren

        Wow, that sounds dangerous. I wonder why he is so agitated? I hope you’re okay? Do you have plenty of play time with him with toys?

  2. Cima

    Most cats enjoy being petted. Some cats, however, don’t like it as much or get overstimulated.

    • Lauren

      Very true!!

  3. James

    “Remember – you can’t fool the drool!” I liked her video. I actually have her Cat Massage book, although I’m a natural. A Purr-fect gift for your feline.

    • Lauren

      Lol…pretty funny… You definitely can’t fool the drool!

      • James

        I’ve awoken to a loving Tom atop my chest having spent I don’t know how long staring at me while I slept. Nice, huh?! Except for the drool cascading down right in my face. Loving creature, yes. But a drool-monster!

  4. baileyboatcat

    I love to be slapped quite hard on my hind! Massage is acceptable too! =^.^=

  5. Connie

    My cat will pass out after I massage him, he is quite particular about his petting, or how and where I pet him, but he loves it and always lets me know just where he wants the petting. I am a well trained owner

    • Lauren

      Aren’t we all…? My cats have me very well-trained. One of the drools profusely when she is receiving her daily massage… and she comes and asks for it.

  6. Elisabeth

    I had two siblings, he loved to get pet, massaged or held. He would come and pet me…! She did not understand the consept of being held, getting a hug or to be petted. It was as if she felt I was going to squeeze her to death or something.. Or hold her and never let go, like a prison or a cage.. But as she got older she too wanted to sit on the lap, and to get pet, she would even direct my hands where she wanted them…!
    But before this, and even after, she would always hide under the sofa if I got visitors… They always complained and seemed offended she would not come to say hi ay least…, so she started to just walk by after first checking out the y where ok, and then withdraw again… Exept for two people I actually did not know to well…, she just ran up to them and jumped up on their lap and started major flirting, lying on her back, begging for cuddles..??
    Later when they got older and he got sic with canser, I wanted to ask him what he preffered, if he was in excrusiating pain, and just wanted to die, or if he felt he had a few unnfinished things he wanted to do…, So I contacted two seperate animal interpretors… Both told me the same.. To my surprise he wanted an al natural death! It was VERY important to him, I understood the day he died that he did it for his beloved sister… This way he got to say godbye to her, and me, and she got to see what happened to him, so she would not have to wonder, and search for him…
    He was such a brave man!! Of corse I gave him pain killers, but in the end he did not want them…
    But what she told me was breath taking! She told me that it was not hat she wanted to be rude or something, but she was ( she died in april a year after her brother ) so highly sensitive!! If the people or other animals in the room had a pain, fysical or physiogical she would pick it up energetically and feel it too, only tree times stronger… It was very hard on her.. That is why it felt a little bit better to stay away…, but she had learned ways to shut off a little as she got older, but it was still difficult for her to handle people with extreme pain, emotional or otherwise, because she was still very open…
    But the two men who she had given herself to completely were fully balanced and calm, so she was so happy to finally be able to give love cuddles and more, because she needed it too, it was just that she could not enjoy it as long as the people where in pain…
    Maybe this is why I felt my male cat tried to heal me almost everytime he sat on my lap. He would lay down sideways and put one of his hands on my stomake, after a while his hand was golwing hot, but in a good way 🙂 I asked if he was healing me, and he blinked to say yes 🙂


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