CatastrophicCreations is a pioneering new company that builds really cool bridges for your cat. The bridge are both fashionable and functional. Cats instinctively love to climb… and these bridges satisfy those urges leading to a happier cat…and did we mention that they look really cool in your home?

Recently, they partnered with Black Pine Animal Sanctuary to build the wild cats that call it their home, a fun new bridge to walk and climb on… The result? The big cats were just as happy as their domesticated counterparts.

The tigers at Black Pine call it home, and this new bridge is a great addition to help enrich their environment and their lives.The project was a big undertaking, but an extremely rewarding one.

About Bengal Tigers

Sadly, it is estimated that only 3,000 Bengal Tigers remain in the wild. Their habitats have been destroyed and they continue to be poached and their body parts used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

To read more about this project, how the bridge was constructed along with videos, follow the link below.

Indiana Jones Tiger Bridge Donation ⋆ Catastrophic Creations

Mike’s sister Kate is an animal behavior specialist, and works with exotic animal rescues. She is constantly trying to find creative ways to keep the animals’ lives enriched, much like we do with house cats. We thought it would be a great idea to translate what we do to what Kate does, and build one of our bridges on a much larger scale.