Ozu at the vet

Ozu at the vet

Wesley, my 13 year old cat, has been breathing a little heavier than normal.  He sounds a little like he’s going to cough up a hairball or might be really congested.  I took him to the vet (for the 3rd time this year) and the vet continues to come up empty-handed.  If it weren’t for this occasional noise, he is acting 100% normal…  he’s still eating quite a bit, active, purring, and generally happy.  But I’m still concerned and will keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t develop any new or worsening symptoms.

PetMD Cat Symptom Checker

I try to do my own research before going to the vet, to raise my level of awareness and generally to prepare.  I came across a new “beta” site call “Symptom Checker” by PetMD that I wanted to share.  I hope that you’ll always use your best judgement and visit the vet for symptoms that are unusual for your cat.

In good heath!

Lauren & Wesley