Cat Behavior: My Cat Is Drooling – Is This Normal?

Usually the answer is ‘yes’!  Cats that are very happy, particularly when being pet, or brushed, will begin to drool.  Some veterinarians think this could be a marking behavior, while others say it’s simply a sign of affection.  Two of my cats are droolers – they love being pet and they love being brushed and both acts will get them drooling in no time.

Is a kitty that drools, normal? As long as it isn’t excessive, it’s probably normal, but if you’re concerned, ask your vet.

Beware, however, that not all drooling is normal and could be a sign that your cat is ill.  One of my cats years ago began drooling, without being pet or stimulated in any other way.  I took her to the vet, and she had a tumor in her mouth.  Unfortunately, it was cancerous and spread and ultimately I had to put her down when her good days were outnumbered by her bad days.

If your cat is young, and seemingly healthy and this behavior only happens when you are someone the cat likes is interacting with it, you are probably fine and should be flattered by the demonstration of affection.  If, however, your cat begins drooling, seemingly out of nowhere, bring it to the vet for a thorough exam.  Many cats also have bad teeth and need regular cleaning – even when they are only a few years old.  It’s best to bring your cat to the vet if there is any doubt.