Cat Saves Owner From Heart Attack By Jumping On Her Chest

Sam Felstead was having a heart attack in her sleep when her 7-year-old cat, Billy, woke her up by relentlessly jumping on her chest and meowing. Feline behaviorist Lucy Hoile believes that Felstead’s physiological changes, like her sweating, making noises, or moving differently, are what caused Billy to take action.

Speaking from experience, my own cat knows if I’m going to have a migraine and will tap on my head or meow incessantly until I get up.

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Cat Saves Owner From a Heart Attack by Jumping on Her Chest

This guy is a life saver. He woke me up last week to what unbeknown to me was a heart attack. Thank you to @nottmhospitals ED dept, angio theatres and ACU for saving my life and helping me start my recovery. – sam 🌈 (@samfelstead80) August 14, 2022 Around 4:30 a.m.