Guest Post by Laura Moss, AdventureCats.org

It’s a big world out there, share it with your cat! Laura Moss, AdventureCats.org co-founder, reveals 5 activities you can enjoy with your cat (safely)!

Our feline friends aren’t generally thought of as adventurous animals. Sure, they fearlessly scale kitchen cabinets and make incredible leaps from the furniture, but when it comes to the outside world, most cats are content to observe it from the comfort of the living room window.

And then there are the kitties featured on AdventureCats.org. These fearless felines accompany their humans into nature where they engage in a variety of activities that you probably wouldn’t expect a cat to enjoy. Be sure to always place the safety and happiness of your cat first.



Courageous kitties that are comfortable on a leash may enjoy leaving the familiarity of the backyard behind and embarking on a nature hike. The new scents, sights and sounds can provide mental stimulation, and your cat will also be getting some great exercise.

NOTE: Before you head into the great outdoors with your cat in tow, be sure to brush up on the basics of hiking with a cat. Also, make sure your cat has a collar and ID tags and is up to date on flea, tick and heartworm treatments.


Yuki Hiking Cat

Yuki is a cat that loves to go hiking


If your adventure kitty enjoys being outside, why not make a night of it? After all, what could be better than snuggling with your furry best friend by the campfire?

When planning your outdoor outing, make sure it’s a trip that your cat will enjoy, which means avoiding strenuous hikes to the campsite and ensuring your destination is pet friendly. Also, bring along everything your feline friend will need to feel at home in the tent, including a litter box. To learn more, check out our guide to camping with cats.

Ren Camping Cat

Ren loves to camp



Not all cats are landlubbers. In fact, some cats prefer the sailing life, such as Georgie, an adventure cats that’s living all nine of her lives on the seven seas. This gray tabby has sailed all over the world and visited more than 16 countries. Her favorite place so far? Isla Mujeres, a Caribbean island where Georgie enjoyed watching fish in the clear waters.

Before you take your kitty aboard a boat, purchase a personal flotation device designed for small animals and check out our guide to boating with cats to ensure you’re putting safety fur-st.



If you think cats can’t hang ten, then you haven’t met Nanakuli. This one-eyed Hawaiian cat often accompanies his owners to the ocean. In fact, they say he climbs into the beach bag as soon as they grab his leash. They suspect Nanakuli is comfortable in water because he had to have frequent baths as a kitten due to messy health issues, but now he’s healthy and clearly enjoying the island life.

However, while this cat may enjoy catching waves, surfing certainly isn’t for every kitty, and Nanakuli’s owners say you have to let your cat decide what he or she is willing to try. “The important thing is to allow space for the cat to decide what he is comfortable with and be mindful of his stress level,” said Alex Gomez.

Nanakuli Surfing Cat

Nanakuli is a one-eyed cat that loves to surf!



Adventure cat owners say one of the greatest things about engaging with their pets in nature is how it gives them a new perspective. They slow down, pay closer attention and experience the outdoors in a whole new way. How can you get this new “purrspective”? According to Craig Armstrong, owner of Millie the climbing cat, you simply let your kitty take the lead.

Catting is putting your human agenda away, having no expectations or destination. Your job is to follow, protect, keep safe. Your reward is experiencing nature at a slower pace, from a different perspective, in a new light.”

Millie the Climbing Cat

Millie the climbing cat

Photo credits:


Yuki: Nathalia Valderrama Méndez

Ren: Mason Peters

Georgie: Jessica and Matt Johnson

Nanakuli: Kuli the surfing cat

Millie: Craig Armstrong

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