As a cat owner (or servant to cats), you do your best to take care of your furry feline sidekick… and we all hope that our cats have strong longevity genes. But how long do cats live on average? Most research has shown that on average, healthy, indoor/non-feral cats, live an average of eleven to sixteen years. And many live much longer. The American Shorthair or your typical common house cat is among the longest living breeds,” which makes your typical shelter cat a great choice when considering adding a new furry family member to your home.  You’ll get a great cat and help reduce pet homelessness.


[the_ad_group id=”2631″]As always, consider adoption first. Amazing services like can help you find the purrfect cat. When I was looking for a laid-back companion for my shy cat, I used Petfinder to find a ragdoll mix. He is absolutely stunning and has been a blessing to our family for the past fourteen years. 

  1. Balinese 18-22 years

  2. European (Celtic) Shorthair 15-22 years

  3. Siamese 15-20 years

  4. Russian Blue 15-20 years

  5. Bombay 15-20 years

  6. American Shorthair 15-20 years

  7. Burmese 16-18 years

  8. Nebelung  15-18 years

  9. Japanese Bobtail 15-18 years

  10. Himalayan 15+ years

  11. Persian 15+ years

  12. American Curl 15+ years

12 longest living cat breeds

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