Poppy has been named the oldest cat in the UK at twenty-four years young!  Poppy is both blind and deaf, but that doesn’t stop her as she has outlived many other household pets.

By now, you’ve probably heard of the world’s oldest cats. First there was Head Cat Creme Puff, who passed away at the ripe old age of 30 in 2018, and then there was Poppy – turning 24 this year! But what is their secret to eternal youth? It turns out they’re both KFC fans! Poppy feasts on a mix of fish, cat food, and (you guessed it!) KFC. So, if you want your beloved pet to live a long and healthy life like these two felines, maybe think about adding a little extra finger lickin’ good goodness into their diets!

Read more about Poppy and her wonderful family based in Bournemouth, England. All the best to you, Poppy!  Happy Birthday and here’s wishing you many more years of happiness! Are you thinking about planning a purrfect party for your cat? Check out this great resource from rover.com on how to plan a proper pet birthday party!