INTRODUCING SIR SORBET – By Katniss, Cat Reporter

A few weeks ago, a stray cat was huddled up next to a dumpster.  His fur was dirty and matted.  And he was scared. But then a loving Human came and rescued him. After she cleaned him up, she took some pictures of him and posted them on Instagram because she thought he was so cute she just had to share. Amazingly, he got over 300 Likes in 3 days. I had the chance to interview this cat, now called Sir Sorbet, at L.A.’s Catfe cat café pop-up event recently.

Sorbet and Katniss

Sorbet being interviewed by Katniss, Cat Reporter

KATNISS:  Sorbet, you went from being cold and hungry, living on the streets, to wearing a tux and walking the red carpet in just two weeks.  How does that feel?

SORBET:  Before, I felt invisible.  And now everyone’s looking at me, taking photos and calling me “cute.”  It’s pretty surreal.  Mostly, I’m just happy.  Happy to have a Mommy who loves me and takes care of me and feeds me.

KATNISS:  Your sister, Bagel (aka Sunglass Cat), knows a thing or two about being in the limelight.  She’s one of five finalists in Animal Planet’s “America’s Next Cat Star” which premieres on May 2nd.  Has she taught you anything about being in the public eye?

SORBET:  She’s just so calm and cool about it all, you know?  She loves people, loves the attention.  I’m still a little uncertain about it all, but it beats scrounging for bugs to eat.

KATNISS:  Tell me about Catfe and your first outing as a “celebricat.”

SORBET:  Well, I don’t know that I’d consider myself a celebricat, but when they asked me to come support this event to help rescued cats find furrever homes – how could I turn that down?

Lovely Sir Sorbet

Sir Sorbet cleans up nicely

KATNISS:  Did you get a chance to talk to, or observe, any of the cats at the event?

SORBET:  Yes.  I met a fluffy orange cat named Andy who was rescued from a hoarding situation.  With a lot of love and affection, he was starting to come around and believe that life can get better.  I watched cats playing and snuggling with potential pet owners, which warmed my heart.  By the end of the day, six cats were adopted, which made me feel so happy.

KATNISS:  What words of advice do you have for stray cats, like you were?

SORBET:  When it comes to people, trust your instincts.  Believe in good people who want to help.  Never stop believing.  It may take awhile to find them, but they’re out there.  I’m living proof.

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