If you’re like me, you want the best quality products for your cats. And today, many pet owners are demanding better products

Organikat Cat Scratcher - Outside Box

Organikat Cat Scratcher – Outside Box

that are safe for their cats, and made locally or at home in the U.S.A. where production standards are sometimes more transparent.

Organikat produces great eco-friendly products that are good for your cat and good for the planet. Organikat’s World’s Greenest Cat Scratcher is made in the U.S.A from recycled cardboard and contains no, plastic, tape, glue or adhesives – so you know that your cat is using a quality product that won’t harm them. They even use water-based dyes to ensure


I have a lot of scratchers in my home and wanted to see how this scratcher stood up. I put a variety of scratchers in a play room that I have for my cats and every time they entered the room, they made a bee-line for this scratcher. It’s large enough that your cat can climb on the platform and scratch away with a really satisfying scratch.

The founder, Erik DeLeo, is running a kickstarter to make this product a reality. If you’d like to purchase this product, you can back it through Kickstarter…and get your very own. Also – check out the super-cute cat cartoon video he put together as well.