The SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post has been a staple in my house for several years now.  I was so impressed with it, I bought a second.  They are extremely

SmartCat Scratching Post

SmartCat Scratching Post

durable, after two years of scratching by numerous cats, they are in great condition – still like new!

  • Posts are durable and tall allowing cats to get a full stretch
  • Quality materials – they’re made with durable sisal that naturally attacts cats and inspires scratching
  • The unit is 32 inches high to allow cats to stretch vertically – my cats sometimes climb to the top and stand on the top of it!
  • Easy assembly – with 2 included screws
  • The sturdy base eliminates tipping and wobbling.  

Overall, all of my cats love this product.  I have one in the family room to prevent scratching of the the couches and I put one in the bedroom, just to give the cats a place to scratch upstairs.  They actively use both.  I highly recommend the Smart Cat Scratching Post if you’re looking for a sturdy and sleek design that you and your cats will love.

Updated January 2015

Cats still love this product.  Both posts are still in fantastic condition!  I highly recommend these scratching posts for any cat owner.  Amazon has the best deal on these, buy a SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post for your cat today!  You won’t be sorry!