Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Degas, Manet, DaVinci… famous artist who painted the classics by all standards. Now these works have been improved by adding cats! Introducing Fat Cat Art by Svetlana Petrova and starring her cat, and “mews,” Zarathustra.


Zarathustra is featured in classic painting, American Gothic.

This book is so much fun. If you love to see cat pictures on the Internet, you are going to LOVE this book. If you love art, you will LOVE this book. Fat Cat Art: Famouse Masterpieces Improved by a Ginger Cat with Attitude is 300 pages of gorgeous art, accentuated by ginger cat hilarity. Each work of art comes with a short excerpt about the work and is surprisingly educational! You’ll find art from all time periods, from ancient cave drawings, to ancient Egypt. Journey through time from the Italian Renaissance all the way up to the twentieth century. Explore works from Italy, France, Germany, Britain, Russia, Japan and the New World.


Zarathustra in Adriaen van Utrecht’s Still Life


This book is fantastic to read, to use as a coffee table book and to give as a gift.  It’s a mystery why The Great Masters didn’t realize that the key to creating epic works of art is to add cats!

About the Authors


Svetlana considers Zarathustra as her co-author which is why he is quoted on the cover of the book as an author alongside with her. Zarathustra is a very sensible and gentle cat. He’s very kind and adores petting and talking to Svetlana, or just laying by her side, purring. Sometimes when she works at the computer for hours, he comes to her and asks for attention, just like saying “you pay me more attention in when I’m in your computer, than in real life!”

Zarathustra has a real talent for acting and modeling, in fact, Svetlana considers him a natural born artist.

“He knows he is making art. He is very convincing, saying, ‘I am ready for my close up!’”


Zarathustra in Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa

About Svetlana

Svetlana has worked in the arts for years, and was originally introduced to the arts by her mother, whom she was very close. Svetlana and her mother were frequent visitors of the museums in her native country of Russia and led to Svetlana’s love of the arts.

Svetlana’s mother died in 2008, leaving her heartbroken. Ms. Petrova swiftly took over as the caretaker for her mother’s cat, Zarathustra. While devastated by the loss, Svetlana decided to embark on an art project involving the hefty orange cat – the only thing she had left from her mother. She began to insert silly photos of him into various famous works of art. The comments from friends and family were overwhelmingly positive and fueled her desire to continue. She put some of the out on the internet in 2011 at FatCatArt.com and left the website alone to see what the reaction would be.

The site, and images, took off.

What’s Next?

Svetlana’s book Fat Cat Art will be available on September 15, 2015.   She already has an idea of another book and she wants to make films with Zarathustra. She is also designing a clothes collection with his images and preparing for her big solo exhibition in Singapore next year. Petrova hopes that one day, an art gallery will feature her collection as a serious work of art.