Fun new toys that energize and exercise your cat!

I’m always apprehensive when buying my cats new toys. Their ideas about what’s considered fun and cute is usually different from what I think is fun and cute (think milk carton ring).

Petstages recently offered me and my cats the opportunity to try a few of their products: Go Buggy, Nature Track, Catnip Felt Mini Mice, and the Grass Patch Hunting Box.

My cats really had a blast trying everything out. It’s hard to say which was their favorite, because they actually really liked everything I picked (for a change)! Here’s what they thought:


Petstages Go Buggy

This little bugger is super cute – and my cats think so too! This toy was the favorite toy of all of my cats (they voted). So much so that I had to go online and order more so that they wouldn’t fight over who got to play with it.

It’s a cute looking bug that’s filled solid with premium catnip. The bug has wiggly/floppy arms and legs that are great for picking up in their mouths and dragging the toy around and flinging it across the room. I’ve seen several of my cats dragging this around in their mouths, and then flopping down and bunny-kicking it like crazy. This one is a winner.

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Go Buggy

Petstages Go Buggy Cat Toy

Petstages Nature Track

If your cat loves track toys or batting balls or other toys under the furniture, your cat will likely love this. The clear/mirrored track and clear/mirrored ball make this track really unique. It comes with a plastic ball that is clear and has reflective surfaces inside that sparkle and catch the light. As the ball moved around the track, it glistened and glimmered and really intrigued my cats.

Another great design feature is the faux grass in the center. I sprinkled some catnip on the faux grass and that really helps put kitty in the mood for play. They rub their faces on the grass and then bat the ball around. The reflective properties coupled with the grass-like surface in the middle make this toy really interesting (and pretty) to look at.

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Petstages Nature Track Cat Toy

Petstages Nature Track Cat Toy

Petstages Catnip Felt Mini Mice

These mice are super cute and light weight. Add some catnip to it and your cat will have fun tossing them around by the tail and carrying it from room to room. We have hardwood floors which makes it really fun to bat these around because they slide easily and your cat can chase them like hockey pucks.

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Petstages Catnip Felt Mini Mice Cat Toys

Petstages Catnip Felt Mini Mice Cat Toys

Petstages Grass Patch Hunting Box

The maze comes with little jingle balls that are just the right size – not too big and not too small to be a danger to your cat. The grass on top adds a fun texture and is a great place to put a little catnip to get the party started.

The balls are a little hard to see in the maze but when you lightly shake the box, the balls jingle and then kitty wants to see what’s going on. One of my cats loves the balls inside so much, I always find them outside of the box on the floor. Sometimes I have to go hunting to find where they put the balls!! If you have a cat that loves to hunt toys from under the couch, s/he will love to hunt the little jingle balls inside the Grass Patch Hunting Box!

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Petstages Grass Patch Hunting Box Cat Toy

Petstages Grass Patch Hunting Box Cat Toy

Have you tried any of these Petstages toys? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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