New way to catnip

Kitty Kush is catnip reinvented

Kitty Kush is catnip reinvented!  How could catnip get any better, you say?  Well, take some super-power catnip, then smush it together into little pellets and finally, grind it into a fine powder – ala pepper ginder style!  Genius!!

The Kitty Kush looks just like, and works just like the pepper grinder in your kitchen.  It comes filled with fresh, all-natural catnip pellets that make a festive sound when you shake the can.  Shake it up and watch your cats come running!

I love the Kitty Kush because you no longer have to fuss with bags of messy catnip, that quite frankly, make you look like some sort of nip dealer.  Instead, the nip stays fresh in the formed pellets and the catnip oils are released when you grind them – so it’s extra potent!!

Stay in control!  You have complete control over how much or how little you grind and where you put it. I always felt so frustrated with other types of catnip, spilling it all around, trying to get it to stick to toys, smashing it between my fingers to try to get the scent oils more active… as a cat owner, you definitely know what I’m talking about!!

Kitty Kush is very potent catnip

Toy sprinkled with Kitty Kush

With Kitty Kush, the catnip is very finely ground, so it sticks to toys and super-charges them with great nip flavor and fun!  Want one??  Give this a try!  You can find Kitty Kush Catnip Pellets with Built-in-Grinder
on Amazon!