little Persian kitten eating food from a bowl

little Persian kitten eating food from a bowl

Does your cat have dietary senstivities or restrictions? Do some pet foods seem to agree with your cat, more than others?

Petcurean GO Lmited Ingredient Diet Food was developed for cats with sensitivities. The company sent me a sample to try: Duck flavor.  My cats went crazy over this tasty food. It’s dry food designed with limited ingredients for sensitive cats.

One of my cats, Wesley who happens to have a very sensitive stomach gave this a

Go Cat Food, Duck Formula

Go Duck Formula

try. He absolutely LOVED it and was begging for more and more. Disclaimer here…while he loved this product, he did however have diarrhea, but he may have overeaten because he was so excited. My other cats ate it too and loved it. No one else had any problem digesting it.

“Pets that have developed dietary sensitives based on exposure to meat proteins are becoming more prevalent and the GO Limited Ingredient Diet (LID) is a solution for cat owners that features a novel protein and addresses dietary sensitivities.” – Petcurean Spokesperson

Petcurean is based out of Canada and works with a trusted network of farmers, ranchers and producers that provides them with a consistent source of healthy, premium quality market-fresh meats, veggies, fruits and berries. They cook with creativity, energy and an overarching love for cats and dogs. They have nutrition experts on staff to ensure the food is providing excellent nutrition for your pet. Any new formulas are tested on their own animals and they “…do non-invasive tests which include palatability, stool consistency, and urine pH during the product development process. The pets involved are not kept in cages, these tests are never performed in a lab environment, and we include our own Petcurean family pets in every test that we do.”

From testing on my own cats, Petcurean appears to be a high quality product. My only suggestion would be to phase the food in, and not stop your old food abruptly. Veterinarians usually recommend phasing in a new food so your cat can adjust, and I should have followed those guidelines. Instead we got excited and caught up in how great tasting it is!

If you give it a try – let us know your thoughts!