Food delivery services (for humans) are all the rage – consider Blue Apron and HelloFresh for instance. Now fresh, human-grade or “care-grade” food is available for your cats (and dogs)! Take a look at this new service and see how our cats reacted to it!

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What is NomNomNow?

NomNomNow is a delivery service that brings fresh cat food (or dog food) to your doorstep. NomNomNow boasts “care-grade” pet food that is prepared specifically for your pet from whole, restaurant-grade ingredients.

What is Care-Grade Pet Food?

According to NomNomNow, care-grade means “Going above and beyond for our pets because it is time to be the pet parents they think we are. Every meal is prepared, delivered, and served fresh, perfectly portioned for your pet’s unique calorie needs. One bag. One meal. Rip. Serve. Enjoy.”
cat eating fresh fish feast from Nom Nom Now

Our Trial

We tried out the NomNomNow service for three cats – two of which have medical issues including diabetes and chronic kidney disease. We found that the NomNomNow service delivered on its promise for fresh meals that are healthy for your cats. 



The NomNomNow package arrived at our doorstep carefully packaged with plenty of ice packs in the box. The food was ice cold inside and portioned into clear, vacuum-sealed single-serving packets. At feeding time, it was really easy to get the food out of the packet. By contrast, some cat foods sold in pouches are notoriously difficult to get into the bowl – you’re left feeling frustrated that half of the food is stuck in the packet. 



When you place your first order, NomNomNow asks you to fill out a short profile for your cat so that they can determine the right portion size by your cat’s current weight and/or targeted weight (if you’re trying to have them lose or gain weight).



The cat food comes in two flavors: fish (flavorful fish feast) and chicken (chicken chow meow). We ordered both to try them out even though my cats have always been partial to fish. Immediately you can see that the ingredients are whole foods – chunks of fish and chicken, pieces of carrots, and other vegetables. The real test, though, was opening the packet to really inspect. 
When we opened each packet and placed the contents in a bowl, it looked like “people-food” and smelled like people food. I was really excited that the fish didn’t have a fishy smell to it – meaning it was of superior quality and freshness. Fresh fish never smells fishy.



Recall that before placing my first order, I filled out the profile for each cat, noting their health issues, their current weight and targeted weight. The food was portioned, produced and labeled for each individual cat and contained highly nutritious ingredients: 
  • Chicken Chow Meow contains chicken thigh and breast meat, chicken liver, asparagus, carrots, spinach and cantaloupe, and the NomNomNutrient mix.
  • Flavorful Fish Feast contains tilapia, salmon, pork fat, yuca, carrot, and the NomNomNutrient mix.
Having fresh, top-quality cat food delivered to your door is the height of convenience. NomNomNow has three plans that allow you to order either every week, every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks. Note that if you’re ordering for multiple cats or ordering a larger quantity of food, be sure that you have freezer space available. The food will stay fresh in your refrigerator for about 7-10 days, so if you are ordering any more than that, you’ll want to be sure to freeze it right away. We froze a bunch of the food and it defrosted in the refrigerator very nicely. 

What did my cats think of NomNomNow?

I was thrilled that my 15-year old cat, Romeo, who has chronic kidney disease (CKD) loved the flavorful fish feast. It’s become increasingly more difficult to get Romeo interested in eating so it is a great relief to know that he loves this food. 
Ultimately, one out of the three cats absolutely loved it… but it should be noted that the other two are extremely picky eaters. I also think that their lack of interest is due more to the texture of the food being chunky rather than a smooth paté which they seem to prefer and have been accustomed to for years. 

What does NomNomNow cost?

NomNomNow is more expensive than your average canned cat food, but it’s quite affordable for the high quality and convenience you get. Depending on the frequency of your deliveries, it can cost about $26-$38 per week, per cat which works out to about $1.85 – $2.71 per packet. The more you order, the lower the price is. 
Also, take into account any other food your cat eats – like dry food. I continue to “free feed” dry food to my cats, so they get the Nom Nom Now as one of their meals in combination with other food that they enjoy. If cost is an issue, consider adding this into the mix of foods you feed your cats to offer them more variety. 
Every time I open a packet of NomNomNow for Romeo, I feel really good about what I’m feeding him. And knowing how much he loves it makes me even happier. 

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