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A cat condo is a great way for your cat to exercise, relax, and play. But, finding the right one usually means combing through dozens of Chewy and Amazon reviews to make the right choice. Luckily for you, we’ve done all that for you! Check out these top-rated cat trees from Chewy and Amazon:

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Frisco 20-in Faux Fur Cat Tree

Big enough for your cat without taking up too much space, Frisco’s 20” Cat Tree is the purrfect size for small cats, kittens and senior kitties. This cat tree has a cozy hammock for your kitty to curl up and two dangling pom pom toys to keep him busy. The sisal rope pillars give your cat a place to stretch and scratch.

“This item is great for my 3-legged pussycat “Tri”. He can reach its height (with a nearby box I added to assist), and the hammock perfectly accommodates his differently-shaped body. It makes for a nice napping spot under my bedroom window.” -Patty, 5 Stars.

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Frisco 72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

One of the tallest cat towers on this list, this cat tree is purrfect for the cat who loves to climb. With two hiding holes, 3 tall perches, and 7 different platforms, this cat tree has it all. All surfaces are covered in a soft, plush fabric. All pillars are covered in sisal rope to encourage healthy scratching behaviours.

Madeleine Brown, intern at The Catnip Times, says: “This is easily my cat’s favorite thing in the world. She spends several hours a day napping in hiding holes, using the highest perch to survey the neighborhood, and batting around the toy mice. I love this cat tree because my cat and my roommate’s two cats can all hang out on it!”

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Frisco 88 to 106-in 3 Level Floor to Ceiling Heavy Duty Cat Tower

Looking for something durable for your cat who loves to climb? A floor-to-ceiling cat tree may be for you! With three perches, your kitty will also have plenty of space to relax and take a catnap. 

“Wow, just WOW. I love this product! My cat is bigger, around 14lbs, and this thing is sturdy and stable. I love how it has enough space for him to fully recline, (he’s also afraid of heights, so that says something!) I was really impressed by how easy this was to build. I’m short, so I did need a ladder, but dang! I was expecting lots of screws and tools, but I only had to screw in the base with the provided Allen wrench. The rest is just your hands! So awesome! If I had more cats, I would for sure have these everywhere. This is one of the best aesthetically looking towers as well. A must buy!” -Emily, 5 Stars.

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Trixie Miguel 25.5-in Faux Fleece Cat Tree

This fold-and-store cat tree is the best of both worlds for you and your cat. For your cat, it gives them a cozy place to curl up with its soft fabric and scratching wall. For you, this cat tree folds up and can be easily stored when not in use. This budget-friendly option is a crowd pleaser!

“Like this item very much. My small cat enjoys the “hidey” house, uses the cat scratcher and will soon be in the sun in the hammock. I have it in front of a window with a bird feeder. It is attractive and well made. There is a fleece liner in the little hiding place that can be removed for shaking it out. An added convenience. Would buy this again.” -Laura, 5 Stars.

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K&H Pet Products Nylon Hangin’ Cat Condo

The unique design of this cat condo allows for several cats to utilize it while saving space! This condo loops over a door with a sturdy patent-pending design. Great for all kinds of cats–playful, lazy, or adventurous!

“Both of my cats love this, but for different reasons. One really enjoys sleeping in it since he can hide in the 2nd or 3rd levels without being immediately apparent. My other cat enjoys scaling it at quickly as possible and getting up above the top compartment. It’s very sturdy and quite large. This makes a nice alternative to typical cat trees.” -Otter, 5 Stars

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Cat Tree for Large Cats

Extra sturdy, this cat tree is made for larger cats. Made with sturdy PVC pipes wrapped in sisal, your big cat will feel safe and secure in this home. There is also a plush hiding hole and hammock for your kitty to relax in.

“After a few months, I can tell you that my Corky still loves his playhouse! He sleeps on it a lot and enjoys the hanging room which hides him well. It is so sturdy and takes his pouncing … 14 lbs worth … easily. Not a sign of wear or tear at all and I hung toys all over which entices his rough play. It is Corky-approved and he can be picky so that is a big deal. Worth every penny and the time to put it all together. Would place in the top 5 of Corky’s favorites things of 2020. As for me, I really like the leopard print and overall style that looks great in my living room, no upkeep and makes me smile to watch my baby play on his 3 story condo!”- Teresa Parish,  5 Stars

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Amazon Basics Cat Tree with Platform, Scratching Posts

Have a scratching problem? This cat tree has tall sisal rope pillars that are the purrfect height for your cat to stretch and scratch on. With plenty of cozy napping spots and a dangling toy, your cat will be well-rested and entertained. Spacious and size effective, this cat tree may be the one for you.

“I just received this amazing kitty tree this morning and I 100% couldn’t be happier with my Lilly Bugs new tree! It’s not too big and not too small…. She has already met both my goals for this tree and that was 1.) Her being able to get on top and see outside and hang out and 2.) Crawl into the cubby ON HER OWN!!!” -Jen Smith, 5 Stars

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Welcome to the amusement park! The three plush toys dangling from the top of this tower are made to be batted, bunny kicked, and pounced on! What a cat tree that you can interact with? Simply remove one of the sticks and dazzle your cat with the plush toy!

“We were in the process of adopting a kitten and ordered this cat house/tower. So glad I picked this one! It is the perfect everything. Great size…lots of levels but does not take up too much space. I like that the material is more of a fur, instead of carpet. It has a main scratching post but then the removable sticks that the balls are attached to also have scratching material. The removable sticks are great too!! You can take them out to play and then put them back for the cat to play with on their own….. And great price!!”- Jennifer H., 5 Stars

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Do you have a cat that prefers to lay than play? This cozy cat condo is fit for a lazy cat. With two hiding holes and a shorter height, this is a great place for your kitty to cozy up and take a cat nap. Plus, there is a scratch pad on the back that makes this tree dually functional.

“The new kitty to the family got her first cat condo, and she LOVES it! It’s much larger than I expected, which is actually a bonus. It looks great, is lightweight but super sturdy, soft material, and a lovely scratcher on the side. Kitty ran to it as soon as I pulled it out of the box. She dove into each of the holes and jumped on top to claim it as hers! WINNER! The oooonly thing I would have loved is if the scratcher were on both sides or maybe even detachable to move to either side with the possibility of replacing the scratcher as it wears. That’s a small thing to wish for given the otherwise awesome quality. Definitely a recommendation for the kitty in your life.” -Lily G, 5 Stars

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On2 Pets Cat Tree with Leaves

No green thumb but love plants? This cat tree (emphasis on the tree) will add some lush greenery to your home while keeping your cat happy. Meant to hold up to 32 pounds of weight, this tree is a great choice for your jungle cat or cats.

still life with cat pumpkin grapes dog rose green bottle grapes viburnum apples glass and tin glasses and a burning candle in a candlestick

“My cats love this tree! They love being able to hide behind the leaves and for me, it’s prettier to have this than a regular cat tree, it’s near my dining table where I work each day and I can tell when they’re in it by the rustling of the leaves! …. They do also scratch the carpet on each level but so far it’s holding up, I haven’t seen any loose carpet threads anywhere yet.” -texas critter, 5 Stars

We hope this list has helped you find the purrfect cat tree or cat condo! From classic choices like Frisco, to more unique pieces like a literal cat tree, there are plenty of options out there. Your furry friend is bound to love whatever you choose and the right cat tree can bring years of entertainment and critical cat enrichment to your home!

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Madeleine Brown is a student at the University of Chicago studying English literature. When she’s not studying, her passions are reading, baking, and spoiling her two kitties, Harper and Mr. Bingley.