If your cat wears a collar, chances are you’ve thought about your cat’s level of comfort. While there seems to be endless options at pet stores and online – it’s actually quite difficult to find a cat collar that is super soft and at the same time, safe. Enter Kittyrama cat collars.
We tried out Kittyrama collars and it’s obvious that these collars were designed with care and attention to the needs of your cat.  After trying these collars out, it’s the only collar I want my cat, Jady, to wear. Here’s why:

Reasons why your cat should wear a collar

First, there are several reasons to put a collar on your cat(s):
  1. For their own safety. When your cat wears a collar with identification, they’re more likely to be reunited with you if they get lost. Additionally, it lets neighbors know that the cat is not a stray or feral and that they are part of someone’s family.
  2. For the safety of birds and other wildlife. If you have a cat that frequently goes outside, having your cat wear a bright collar and a bell can help warn wildlife that your cat is on the prowl. Your cat can still have fun pouncing and stalking, but it will give wildlife a better chance of escaping unharmed. 
  3. “Belling your cat” can help ease inter-cat aggression. When one cat shows aggression towards another cat in the household, belling the aggressive cat with a collar and bell will help the cat that is being picked on know when the aggressive cat is in the area. This gives your more docile cat the opportunity to get away and eventually, this game won’t pay off for the aggressor. 

Inspired by a cat owner and her cat

Kittyrama collars were inspired by a cat owner and her cat, Lily.  Carolina, the owner of Kittyrama, was looking for a safe, durable, stylish and comfortable collar for Lily and couldn’t find anything that fit the bill. She decided there was a need and designed these purrfect collars. (Side note – I’ve had the exact same issue. Most collars seemed to be rigid and uncomfortable and I had been looking for something for my own cat for a while!)
Kittyrama Cat Collar on beautiful gray cat

Why Kittyrama collars?

Cat Collar Safety
Kittyrama collars are made from super durable silicon that is heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, and breathable making it an ideal material for a collar. These collars feature a breakaway clasp to ensure your cat doesn’t get caught on anything. The strap has a fitting that doesn’t move so the collar stays in the same position as you set it. 
Note – these cat collars are designed for adults cats only and are not suitable for kittens
Cat Collar Comfort
A quick search on the internet and you’ll find a whole slew of cat collars made of nylon or leather. Neither of these materials are particularly soft and can cause chafing and irritation for your cat. The Kittyrama collars are super soft and smooth. They don’t stick to your cat’s fur and they are very lightweight. 
Cat Collar Style
While not the most important factor, it certainly helps that these collars are stylish and cute. After all, you want your cat to look cute in all of the pictures you take of him/her and post to social media, right? These collars come in three different styles:
  • Posh:  Single color collars inspired by nature.  Styles: Mauve, Aqua, Meadow and Tangerine.
  • Party:  Two-tone collars inspired by tropical locations. Styles: Copacabana, Tahiti and Monte Carlo. 
  • Jetsetter:  Stripy collars inspired by the iconic Breton style.  Styles: Bermuda and Havana. (Jady wears “Bermuda” and we love the girly pink on her)

Where can you get your cat a Kittyrama collar?

Once only available in the United Kingdom, Kittyrama Cat Collars are now available on Amazon in the United States where they have a 4.5 star rating (as of this article’s publication date)! Featured in British Vogue, Kittyrama cat collars are reasonably priced at $12.99-$13.99.
I can’t stress enough how much I love this collar… and mostly because my cat is so happy with it. It’s no wonder that Kittyrama cat collars are the only collars to win a ‘Cat Friendly’ award by International Cat Care charity, after being assessed by a panel of vets and cat experts, for safety and comfort. I sincerely hope you’ll try them out!
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