With COVID19 vaccines slowly becoming accessible to Americans, can we expect a vaccine for cats? Maybe! Two companies, EvviVax and Applied DNA Sciences, have been working on a COVID19 vaccine for our pets. Since the beginning of the pandemic, dozens of cats and dogs have been diagnosed with “mild cases of the disease.” While COVID19 in our cats seems to be a low-risk virus, scientists and doctors are more worried about the possibility of transmission from pet to owner. According to the article, if the drug trial is approved by the US Department of Agriculture, the first animals to be administered the vaccine will be cats. Click the link below to find out more!

Inside The Two Biotech Companies Working Together On A Covid-19 Vaccine For Cats

If all goes as planned, you could be taking your cat to get a Covid-19 shot before the end of the year. Yes, a coronavirus shot for cats is in the works.