I confess.  I completely disagree with the article written by Christine Dell-Amore of National Geographic.  She interviewed a man by the name of John Bradshaw who claims to be a cat behaviorist.  He thinks that cats see us/people as just bigger cats essentially.  And that our cats don’t have any particular bond that can equal that of a dog.

Bradshaw proclaims that cats go on about their business, while dogs show a real involvement with humans.  Might be true… but does that mean that cats are any less intelligent, less social or less interactive than dogs?  I think not.  I also noticed that Mr. Bradshaw never referenced his own cats.  Has Mr. Bradshaw ever owned his own cats?  He states that his research involved sending questionnaires to cat owners to gather feedback on their observations.  What about living with them day-in and day-out and seeing just how in-tune they are with their humans.  I feel strongly that what you put into your cat, is what you get out.

Well, I’ll tell you that having numerous cats, I can vouch for their many different personalities.  Their distinct likes and dislikes.  Each has their own special relationship with me and their own routine.  My cats talk to me ever single day – and they each have their own little language.  Just ask my husband.  I can hear one of my cats meowing across the house and immediately know which one it is and what it is doing or what it wants.

Here’s a link to the National Geographic Article “What Do Cats Think About Us? You May Be Surprised.”

Honestly – I’m not sure it’s worth your time.  You would get a better education by watching an episode from My Cat from Hell.