Non-cat people just don’t understand cat-people.  And sometimes they can be downright mean and insensitive to those of us who absolutely ADORE our feline friends.  I particularly enjoyed the article by that outlines the Top 7 Comments That Make Cat Owners Cringe because I can personally relate to all of them.  When a colleague at work found out I had several cats, the person proclaimed “I will never visit your house!  I’m allergic them!!” to which I responded “That’s quite alright, you weren’t invited.”

Here are a few of the comments I found particular amusing:

  1. Dogs are friendlier than cats.
  2. You’re on your way to being a crazy cat lady!
  3. I could never have a cat.  I’m allergic to them!
  4. What will you do with your cat when the baby comes?

...and there are 3 more.

People seem to be very vocal about not liking cats… and I find this peculiar.  While I am 100% a cat person, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like dogs or would ever say unkind things about another animal.  Clearly the people that make these comments have never experienced the joy of living with a cat. They are missing out.  More for the rest of us.

What crazy things have you heard people say about cats?  Comment below!