TikTok Vet Exposes The Cruelty Inherent In Some Of The Cutest Cat Breeds

Dr. Cat Henstridge recently spoke out about the cruelty that is inherent in certain cat breeds. While the Internet of Cats is full of “ooh’s and ahh’s” when they see a Scottish Fold cat or a Munchin cat, they likely aren’t recognizing that many of these cats suffer dearly from the breeding that resulted in their cute looks.

For example, she noted how Scottish Folds, the cats with the drooping ears, are bred to look that way by encouraging a genetic defect that makes the cartilage weak in the ears. The problem is, the cartilage is weak in other areas of the cat resulting in weaker bones and debilitating arthritis.

Munchin cats are bred to have really short legs which prevents them from running and jumping like a normal cat would. Similarly, flat-faced cats like persian cats and exotic shorthair cats have issues breathing with their abnormally small nostrils. Flat-faced cats also have issues with their teeth because they have compact mouths.

And this issue isn’t limited to cats. It affects dogs in the same way.

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This Vet Is Exposing How Some Of The Cutest Animals Live In Unbearable Pain And It’s Crushing

“We all love these animals, but this isn’t cute. It’s cruel.” And Dr. Henstridge caught the attention of nearly 9 million people when she posted this video where she explains why pets people think are cute are actually not cute at all: She shared how even though the Scottish Fold cat’s folded ears might look adorable, they fold because the weak cartilage in them makes them collapse from their own weight.

A Note From Lauren Mieli, Founder, The Catnip Times” description=”As always, we encourage people to make adoption your first option. There are millions of wonderful cats in shelters awaiting homes and even more being euthanized. We applaud Dr. Henstridge for shining a light on this issue.” 

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