It’s the end of the year and there’s much to look back on… like how your cats have been with you, year after year, through thick and thin.

Tidy Cats is sponsoring “Throwback Kitten Week” – it’s a week-long celebration of your cats and the transformation from when they were kittens to their meowgnificently fabulous feline selves today.

For Throwback Kitten Week, I was reflecting on my senior cat, Wesley, who was the first cat I adopted as an adult, fresh out of college and living on my own for the first time.

Wesley has been with me through all of life’s ups and downs – from making the transition to adulthood, through many boyfriends, from being single to being married, through changes in houses, jobs and jean sizes… through happy times and especially the sad times, my buddy Wesley has been there for me.

This week, I’m honoring my sweet, shy, wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly, 17-year old buddy, Wesley.

Adopting Wesley

When I moved out of my parent’s house and on my own, I had a cat that I brought with me from their house, named Jesse. She was a beautiful dilute long-haired ginger who was also diabetic with litter box issues. I decided to get Jesse a friend since I would be at work all day and didn’t want her to be lonely.

I went to Save-A-Pet, where I’ve volunteered and donated since I was a kid. I was immediately drawn to Wesley, then known as “Selwyn.” He was in a cage, cowering in fear. He had huge eyes and dilated pupils. I inquired about him and why he was considered a special needs cat. I was told that he was 10 months old and extremely skittish and that the staff was afraid he would disappear and starve to death because he was so terrified. That’s all I had to hear. I said, “I want to bring him home with me and give him a loving, stable and quiet home.”

Wesley my cat as a baby


Life with Wesley – The Early Years

As Save-A-Pet said, Wesley was skittish… he would hide everywhere and anywhere and only come out at night when the coast was clear. The strangest place I found him was hiding in a desk drawer… you know, the one meant for pens and paper clips… I have no idea how he squeezed himself in there, but he did!

I was extremely patient with him – letting him come out on his own, which literally took years. I recall one day, coming home from work during wintertime and I couldn’t find him. I checked everywhere, under the bed, in the closet, in cabinets and I couldn’t find him anywhere. I was frantic.

I went into the spare bedroom of my condo and saw fur peeking out from under the blind. He was hiding on the windowsill behind the window blinds. I went to pick him up and he was literally frozen to the window. My poor little guy took off like a rocket and some of his fur remained frozen to the window!

Wesley all chill with paws crossed on bed


Naming Wesley

Wesley is named after “The Dread Pirate Roberts” in the movie “The Princess Bride.” Why you ask? It turns out that little Wesley was a thief in the night. While I would sleep, Wesley would be busy pillaging my jewelry from my nightstand and burying his “treasure” in his litter box. Every morning, I would go clean out the litter box and find a ring, an earring, a bracelet – whatever he could find and carry to this litter box and bury… and ever since, he’s earned the nickname “my little pirate, Wesley.”

Wesley was named after The Princess Bride's dread pirate roberts

In More Recent Years…

Eventually, with love, patience and treats, Wesley came around. He stopped stuffing himself into desk drawers and started hanging out in my closet on a shelf – making himself a nest out of my sweaters.

Years later, he started following me around and becoming a complete lap cat and my shadow. To this day, Wesley sleeps with me every night, and as I blog, he tries his hardest to lay on my laptop while I type. Instead, I set up an oversized warm wool pillow where he naps (and is napping right now).


Wesley is turning 17 years old in January. He has irritable bowel disease, hypercalcemia, and early renal disease, but that doesn’t stop him. He loves catnip and chasing jingle balls after breakfast. He has helped “nurse” my other cats through their own health problems and he’s become best buddies with my husband and my cat Romeo.

Wesley has been, and continues to be my loyal buddy – and I will always be by his side the way he has been by mine.

(Updated: Sadly, my little Wesley passed away at 17 years old in May of 2017. I’ll always love him.)

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