When most cats see their cat carrier come out, they make a bee-line to their most reliable hiding spot. Cat carriers can be scary. Due to the constant movement and shuffle, cats often slide around in their cat carriers as their humans try to keep them level. Cat backpacks are gaining in popularity and consistently trending on social media. If you’re hoping to pounce on the trend with your cat, there’s a few things you should know and be prepared for. 

Purchasing A Good Cat Backpack

Don’t get your cat’s backpack confused with your school backpack while shopping for your back-to-school needs. There are a lot more things to take into consideration when searching for the perfect cat backpack.

Transparency and Hiding

Make sure not to purchase a completely transparent backpack for your cat. Your cat should be able to have the opportunity to hide in the backpack if they want to. We recommend backpacks with lined mesh areas to allow your cat to be seen if they want to be seen.

Ventilation and Size

Ensuring there are lots of holes to circulate fresh air while your cat is in their backpack is very important. Additionally, cat moms and dads should also make sure the backpack is big enough for their cat to fit in comfortably so they can move around freely. Be sure the cat backpack is big enough for your cat to turn around and stand-up in while closed.

Fabric and Durability

A good cat backpack should be sturdy and not flimsy. Your cat will thank you in advance if the backpack fabric is waterproof. The water resistant material should also be lightweight to keep your cat cool while they’re inside it. 

Introducing Your Cat To Their Backpack

Just like any other new thing you introduce to your cat, it will take time for your cat to get used to the idea of their backpack. There are a few things you can do to help with the introduction. These tips can also be used for introducing your cat to their cat carrier!

Don’t Force Your Cat To Be With The Backpack

Never force anything new on your cat, especially a cat backpack or carrier. Instead, leave the backpack out and allow your cat to wander up to it and sniff it on their own time. Another tip is to wear the backpack a few times so your cat will smell your scent on it while they sniff it out. Consider spraying the inside and outside with Feliway spray as well. 

Make It Fun

Hide a few treats inside the backpack or in compartments on the inside or outside. If your cat doesn’t seem to mind being inside the backpack with their treats, try to close the backpack for a few minutes at a time. If your cat wants to get out – let them out. 

Start With Short Trips

Once your cat is comfortable being inside the backpack, put it on and take a walk around the house or the backyard to get them used to the change in movement. Follow up the short walk by rewarding your cat with their favorite treat! After a couple successful short trips, your cat should be ready to take a car or bike ride with you in their new cat backpack.

Cat Backpack Safety

Cat backpacks can actually help your cat with any anxiety or stress they may have while traveling to places like the vet where there are many unfamiliar smells and sounds. However, there are some additional things we want you to keep in mind if you plan to purchase a cat backpack.

Don’t Confuse Your Cat

If you have a child that is attending school or college make sure their backpack is put somewhere that is out of your cat’s reach. This will prevent your cat from mistaking your child’s backpack for their cat backpack and will keep them safe from any sharp toxic objects like scissors or pencils that are likely to be found in a school backpack.

Always Use A Cat Carrier For Long Trips

If your cat is traveling with you for an extensive period of time, do not use a cat backpack. It is impossible to include cat litter, water and food in the backpack with your cat comfortably. Instead invest in a large cat carrier that’s approved for extensive travel.

Consider Your Needs Too

Your cat’s comfort is important when picking the right cat backpack, but yours is just as important! Look for padded adjustable straps for your own comfort when searching for the right cat backpack. Also, if you have or had a neck, shoulder or back injury, consult with your doctor first to see if they recommend a cat carrier or cat backpack based on your health needs. 

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