The Quarantine Cat Film Fest combines the best of two worlds this summer: cats and movies! Hosted virtually by Row House Cinema, the film is a compilation of fan-submitted videos of their cats during the stay-at-home-orders. Purchasing a ticket for the film fest will not only provide “fur-tastic” entertainment but will also serve a good cause. The proceeds will help independent theaters around the US and Canada whose ticket sales have been heavily impacted by COVID19. Check out the Quarantine Cat Film Fest trailer below!

What is the Quarantine Cat Film Festival?

Row House Cinema, a small, independent theater in Pittsburg, is sponsoring The Quarantine Cat Film Fest. The film fest is Row House Cinema’s first time making and distributing a film of their own. The videos, compiled by amateur filmmakers, document beloved pets and their antics during the nation-wide COVID19 stay-at-home orders. The compilation “brings together the cutest, funniest, bravest and most loving of these videos, exclusively filmed during the pandemic.” The film is viewable starting June 19th and availability will continue for an additional three months. In some locations, the film may be shown during in-person screenings.

How Can I See The Quarantine Cat Film Festival?

Once you navigate to The Quarantine Cat Film Fest’s website, scroll down and select a participating independent theater in your area… If there isn’t a theater in your area – don’t worry! You can choose any other theater or none at all. Once you purchase a ticket, the link will take you to payment and rental information. While the original screening aired in June, you can still catch it through mid-September.

Viewing the film through the Virtual Cinema website costs $12. Half of the proceeds of your ticket goes directly to Row House Cinema and the other half goes to the independent theater of your choosing. Don’t see your local theater on the list? You can reach out to the creators of the event at their email, [email protected], to see if your theater would be eligible to participate.

Quarantine Cat Film Fest Bingo!

If you’d like to get even more bang for your buck and enjoy a more interactive experience, Row House Cinema is providing downloadable bingo cards to play as you watch! Squares include categories like “Heroic Jump,” “A Cat Highfive,” and “A Cat Cuddle Puddle” so as you watch each scene brimming with cuteness, you can mark a spot off of your card. Download your free card and share your games by tagging @rowhousecinema on Instagram!

Did we pique our curiosity? Check out the film’s sneak peek here.