The Funniest Cat Cartoons to Follow

From newspapers, greeting cards, and books, these artists/cartoonists have a knack for capturing the hilarity of cats. The following is our list of best cat cartoons featuring comics that best capture the crazy, loving, and playful nature of cats that we can all relate to and which makes us grin from ear-to-ear. Don’t take our word for it – take a look at a sampling of these amazing cat cartoonist below. In no particular order, we present our favorite cat cartoonists!


Bizarro Comics by Dan Piraro

Dan Piraro is a writer, illustrator, and cartoonist whose comics are published daily in over 360 newspapers. Full of sarcasm, satire, wordplay, and political commentary, “Bizarro” also makes room for hilarious snapshots into the lives of pet owners. Piraro makes cat cartoons that show felines who have minds of their own; when they’re not in the corner thinking up their next diabolical plot, they’re probably planning out their next meal.

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Scott Metzger Cartoons

Scott Metzger Cartoons humorously captures life, relationships, popular culture, and pets. Since creating single-panel cartoons in 1996, Metzger’s work has expanded to be featured on greeting cards, T-shirts, and he has created his own published collection, Being Awesome is Exhausting: a Collection of Cat Cartoons. Filled with vibrant colors, Metzger’s cat comics hilariously personifies cats as creatures who use the Internet, cell phones, and remove embarrassing Google search histories. Check out a few favorites below.

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Rhymes with Orange

Artist Hilary Price has been drawing “Rhymes with Orange” since 1995. Her cat comics are filled with vibrant colors that draw inspiration from the humor of everyday life. Her “Furry Friday” theme often features cats and all the trouble they get into. According to her website’s “About” page, Price loves to spoil her “hoodlum” cat in her free time.

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Tim Whyatt

Tim Whyatt is an Australian cartoonist whose work has appeared on hundreds of cards, winning the Best Humour Range Award in Australia and Britain. He has published several collections in his award-winning series, Senior Moments. Like his collection title suggests, many of Whyatt’s cartoons humorously capture relationships during old age. However, Whyatt Cartoons makes room for cat comics that capture the humor of being a cat owner. Light, funny, and straightforward, these are the perfect cat comics to share!

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Off the Mark Cartoons by Mark Parisi

“off the mark” is a daily cartoon drawn by Mark Parisi. Parisi frequently features animals in his comics which makes him a favorite among cat lovers. He gathers inspiration from modern, everyday life and his three cats at home. His cat cartoons show our furry friends as less fiendish and more blissfully unaware of the problems of the human world: from interrupting video conferences to avoiding cuddles, these cat comics are bound to make you laugh. 

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How to Cat by Lucas Turnbloom

If you like more minimalistic cat comics, “How to Cat” is for you. Artist Lucas Turnbloom began this series after he and his wife adopted a “sweet, yet rambunctious” cat. Beginning as inside jokes between Turnbloom and his wife, his Instagram account featuring his cat cartoons now has over 182k followers (as of June 2020). He shares individual panels of his work and the complete 4-panel set in his posts so you can easily reshare his work with your friends. 

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Simon’s Cat

Last, but certainly not least is Simon’s Cat, created by cat cartoonist, Simon Tofield. Beginning online in an animated film, Cat Man Do, Simon’s Cat has expanded to appear in comic strips, books, games, and other films. According to his website, Tofield’s cat cartoons are heavily inspired by his own cats, especially his black cat, Hugh. These cat cartoons not only share funny snippets of life with cats, but since they are films, they also capture the movements and attitudes of cats.

About the Author

Madeleine Brown is a student at the University of Chicago studying English literature and a former intern at The Catnip Times. When she’s not studying, her passions are reading, baking, and spoiling her two kitties, Harper and Mr. Bingley.


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