Study Finds Cats Know Where You Are Even If You’ve Left The Room

Another cat stereotype has just been debunked. It turns out you don’t need to meow for your feline friend to know you’ve left the room, because they already know. Our cats are paying attention to us, even if they don’t always act like it. A group of researchers in Japan say cats use environmental cues to know if you leave the room and are on the prowl in another part of their home.

“We tested whether cats mentally map the spatial position of their owner or a familiar cat to the source of the owner’s or familiar cat’s vocalization.”

To learn about the other findings from the study, check out the article below! Or if you’re really into the details, view the full study.

Study Finds Cats Know Where You Are Even When You’ve Left The Room

If cats were humans, they would be the type to always “leave you on read.” In other words, despite all of our love and devotion, our cats can definitely sometimes make us wonder if they even care about us at all. Do cats really bond with their humans, or do they see us just as walking can openers?


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