Snow-Kitty Update

I wanted to give you all a quick update on my little outdoor friend.  S/he has been visiting 2013-02-06 08.43.01regularly and I’ve caught a glimpse a few times.  Outdoor kitty has a healthy appetite and definitely prefers the wet food I’ve been leaving out in the heated kitty condo each morning.  With all of the snow we’ve received over the last week (10+ inches), outdoor kitty’s little paw prints and tracks are evident in the snow and s/he seems to be living in a grouping of large evergreen trees I have growing in my backyard.  The trees actually provide great shelter from the elements.  There is no snow present under the trees – so outdoor kitty is very smart.  I can see paw prints in a horseshoe formation coming from the tree in the back of my yard to my deck… on to my deck where the food, water and kitty condo are and then back out toward the trees.  S/he stops by most days, but there have been a few days, when the weather has been particularly harsh when there hasn’t been a visit.  I think s/he must be hunkering down and waiting out the storms.  My indoor cats have also noticed some brave field mice outside that have been stealing bits of the dry food that has been left out, so I wonder if outdoor kitty is also snacking on mice.  I also wonder how mice can survice these freezing temperatures (though today it’s balmy in the 40’s).  What I do know for sure is that outdoor kitty is one tough cat. =^..^=