NY Attorney and His Traveling Cats

Dan Nguyen is a New York based attorney and videographer who has been capturing footage of his cats’ adventures around the world on TikTok. The fluffy felines are named Spongecake, Donut and Mocha! Dan started training them to travel after they showed signs that said to him, “I want more.”

Dan notes it took him a lot of time to train his cats to where they felt comfortable. He advises anyone thinking of doing the same that it’s extremely important to go very slow if you’re thinking of traveling with your cats.

Here’s the full article:

I travel the world with three cats on my shoulders

Spongecake, Donut and Mocha are adventure-loving cats turned world travellers. New Yorker Dan Nguyen started filming their urban explorations and uploading videos to the social platform TikTok. Dan’s cats were able to travel after a long period of careful and gradual training. If you choose to travel with your pets, please consult your vet.

From my perspective, I think that Dan is probably a really patient guy because most cats would not enjoy this. It would require an incredible amount of time, dedication and patience to go at your cat’s own speed – and most cats probably wouldn’t ever get used to this lifestyle or enjoy it. Never force your cats to do anything they don’t want to. If they’re frightened, you should stop immediately. And always consult with your vet before changing your pet’s routine.