New York is facing a cat crisis. With as much attention that organizations spend talking about the benefits of spaying and neutering, a whopping 40% of people in the Bronx report that their cats are not spayed or neutered. Thankfully, only 7% of cat owners in Manhattan report cats that are still intact.

Having family in New York and visiting frequently, the stray population is unfortunately obvious. Strays can be seen roaming the streets and hiding under porches… please remember to make adoption your first option and always spay and neuter. Read on…

EXCLUSIVE: Census reveals cat crisis as New York City’s stray feline population rises

Call us New Cat City. This is purrfect news for feline lovers – more than 576,000 cats are owned by city residents, according to estimates in a new report obtained by the Daily News. And that doesn’t include the scores of stray cats living on the streets of the five boroughs.