Man Saves Terrified Cat From Rising Waters Of Hurricane Ian

A man rescued a stranded cat that was terrified by the rising waters and storm surge that accompanied Hurricane Ian. The cat was left sitting on top of an air conditioning unit outside of someone’s home along Bonita Beach. The category 4 hurricane hit coastal areas near Naples on Wednesday, devastating the area. As soon as it started raining heavily just after 3pm on Wednesday, water quickly filled up inside the building where this cat lived until he was rescued about 30 minutes later by the man in the video who bravely waded through knee-high water carrying the scared kitty towards safety!

Video courtesy of Mary Beth Ross.

A huge THANK YOU to the man in the video and everyone out there saving lives – no matter how small.

Man saves cat as Hurricane Ian’s floodwaters rise

A man saved a cat left stranded by storm surge brought on by the approaching Hurricane Ian.The cat, apparently spooked by rising waters, was perched on top of an air conditioning unit outside of a home along Bonita Beach near Naples. A storm surge that accompanied the hurricane left the cat surrounded by a sea of water.