Retirement Home Residents Enjoy Kitten Therapy

Cats can be particularly therapeutic to residents of nursing/retirement homes. An ASPCA foster started bringing kittens into her retirement home office in 2019. When the residents found out the kittens were sharing a home with them they wanted in on the fluffy action. Once the cat was out of the bag, the kittens started helping residents who were struggling with PTSD, depression and more.

The transition for senior adults to a retirement home can be a sad and difficult adjustment after having lived independently for so many years. So anything that can be done to improve the lives of seniors is a win.  So it’s no surprise that the residents turned over their laps, and their hearts, to these tiny foster kittens. And while these tiny kittens had a massive impact, cats of all ages help people deal with mental and emotional issues every day. It’s well-documented that cats have a positive effect on one’s emotional well-being.