The famous Walker Arts Center Internet Cat Video Festival has called it quits. The show ran for four consecutive years, from 2012 to 2015 and drew enormous crowds – upwards of 13,000 people attended in Minneapolis just last year.

But not to worry. The cat video festival will move on to its next phase. The show is being picked up by CatCon, who announced a new partnership with Will Braden of Henri, le Chat Noir. Braden took over the Walker Internet Cat Video Festival in 2013, when original founder Scott Stulen left the museum. The new video festival will be called CatVidFest and is a non-profit benefitting cats in need around the country.

The internet cat video festival has been on the road to more than 200 cities and 9 countries. The festival showcases the best cat videos from nearly 12,000 annual submissions.

Looking back, here are the nominees for the Walker Art Center internet cat video festival for 2015…

For more information – see the article by the International Business Times:

Internet Cat Video Festival Ends

The internet has a cat-astrophe on its hands. After four successful years, the Internet Cat Video Festival, an annual celebration of cat videos, posters and photos in Minnesota that attracted cat lovers across the globe, is ending its run.