At 77 years old, Willie Ortiz remains active in his community by helping shape the feral cat landscape. You see, for the last 24 years, Willie has spent 3 hours every single day collecting scrap metal to sell so that he can afford cat food for all of the cats he helps to feed, spay, neuter and vaccinate. He drives an ’88 truck that says “Feral Cats Metals for Meals.”

“I tell God he has to give me not nine but ten lives so that I can keep doing this.”

Over last quarter century, Willie has literally helped thousands of cats – he’s their guardian angel. When a co-worker and fellow cat lover found out what Willie was doing, she made a donation on the spot – and also made a GoFundMe page that has raised over $161,000 (as of this writing) to help Willie continue his mission.

Monthly Food Cost
Age of Willie’s Oldest Cat
Hours Spent Feeding Cats
Spay/Neuter One Cat

Read about Willie on GoFundMe

GoFundMe wrote a beautiful article about Willie and his heroic and selfless deeds. Please click on the article by GoFundMe below and read the full story.

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Meet Willie. - Giving Matters: Notes From GoFundMe

GoFundMe Heroes celebrates the everyday people who do extraordinary things on GoFundMe. Every day, 77-year-old Willie Ortiz scours his town for scrap metal, loads up his truck, and sells it - for cat food. For the past 24 years, he has been the guardian angel for cats in his town.

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