The Japanese people are known for their love of cats. In fact, the concept of the cat cafe was born in Japan. And now, a company in Japan is creating houses specifically tailored for cats complete with catwalks, recessed litter boxes, bathroom access, extra-tough window screens and more!

Check out the article below to read more about these new custom houses built for cats and the humans that love (and serve) them!

New cat-friendly homes in Japan come specially designed for felines

Features like built-in kitty litter boxes under the floor let furbabies truly rule the house you live in. Nobody loves cats quite as much as Japanese brand Felissimo. Over the years they've been spoiling felines around the world with amazing products like Buddhist statue-style halo scratchers and crepe omelette kitty beds, but now they're taking luxury living for cats to a whole other level, by creating homes made especially for furbabies.