Home Depot Cat Evicted From Paint Department After 10 Years Gets Real Home

Home Depot, until recently, was the literal home for a black and gold tabby cat (tortie cat), whom employees referred to as Mamma Cat, for around 10 years!  Mamma Cat made her home in the paint department, aisles 11, 12, and 13 to be exact. Known as a friendly cat by the Home Depot’s employees, Mamma Cat only seemed to trust those who were wearing the iconic orange aprons.

“During the day you’d usually find her asleep in the shelves somewhere,” Witthans said. “But she would come out if you were wearing an orange apron. She would come out and let you pet her. But if you weren’t wearing an orange apron, forget it because she couldn’t trust you. But if you were wearing an orange apron she’d let you because she knew you were her friend.”

Employees at Home Depot had taken it upon themselves to care for Mamma Cat, chipping in for food out of their own pockets and even naming Mamma Cat, “employee of the month!” Unfortunately, Mamma Cat was told she had to leave. Details of her eviction are not known – but not to worry! The cat that was a frequent “shopper” in the paint department, found herself upgrading her home in a home improvement story that has us purring with joy. Check out the story from KGET News in California below!

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