Help People With Pets Suffering in Ukraine

As I’ve been watching the horrifying scenes coming out of Ukraine – my heart is breaking for the people and also for the wildlife and pets that are being bombed and abandoned. Many organizations are looking for ways to help. And unfortunately, there are scammers out there that will try to exploit any human tragedy. So please be careful who you support and where you send funds.  The following two organizations are reputable and in particular, IFAW is an international organization dedicated to animals welfare. I will be donating to them.

Check out these two resources for more information.

  • IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) provides resources for refugees fleeing with their pets for Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Baltics, and more, including vaccination requirements.
  • The Dodo gives a full list of shelters and rescue organizations on the ground in Ukraine and in neighboring countries, including heroic stories like this cat cafe in Lviv.

Please see this story from the BBC on efforts being made to help people, pets and rescues in Ukraine. Finally, join me in praying (or sending positive thoughts, light and love) that this crisis ends swiftly.