Announced at the end of June, Google Photos released a new design for their app. The latest update includes a redesigned layout and plenty of new features. The one we are most excited about: the app will now keep track of all your pet pics!

An update back in 2017 enabled pet-facial recognition within Google Photos which grouped individual pets together like people. This update could tell the difference between dogs and cats, and even the differences among different breeds of several animals. Google then sorted them into group categories based on facial recognition of your cat or dog. 2020’s latest update takes this feature even further.

Now, in the June update, Google Photos has revamped its Search tab. When you open the Search tab you will see a list of people–and pets–saved in your Google Photos. Dogs or cats that will be searchable are the ones you take the most photos of, so presumably your own furry friends and family members. 

To make finding your adorable cat pic even faster, you can “nickname” your pets. When you open the Search tab, you will see the faces of people and pets frequently photographed by you. To make finding a pet pic even easier, you can click on the profile image of your cat or dog and then “Add a name.” After doing that, you can search for photos of your pet by their name and only images of that pet will show up. Along with dogs and cats being grouped and searchable, there will now be a “Things” view that will show you objects that you may frequently photograph.

Google Photos’s latest update will make sharing your adorable pet pics even easier. Cat owners can now pull up their latest fuzzy pic in the blink of an eye! Are you using Google Photos for your pets already? Please feel free to share any tips you have in the comments or on our social pages!