With millions of animals in need of homes, why clone pets?

A Chinese company with offices in California, Sinogene, announced today that it plans to begin cloning cats en masse. Their target market? You and me… and everyone else that is grieving the loss of a beloved pet. They’re already cloning dogs and plan on expanding beyond dogs and cats to horses as well.

How similar are the clones?

The clones are similar only in looks. Their personality and memories will be different from the cloned cats. But Sinogene feels that they can “fix” the personality issue through the use of artificial intelligence.

Is this okay?

I guess the market will decide, but personally, I think this is a terrible idea for a variety of reasons. For one, the world doesn’t need more cats. Millions are homeless and euthanized each year. Ethical issues abound with the humane treatment of pets and creating them in labs. The clones are implanted into adult dogs and cats who live in a laboratory and are surrogates for the clones. And then the idea of adding in artificial intelligence? Sounds like a script for a really creepy movie – it’s hard to believe this is actually happening.

I lost my beloved 16-year old cat at the end of July. He was one-in-million… and he’ll remain that way. No cloning for us, and that’s our opinion. What’s yours? Let us know in the comments!

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Chinese company Sinogene to launch mass sale of cloned cats

A Chinese company has announced it is planning a mass sale of cloned cats to the general public. Sinogene, China's first biotech company to create cloned pets, is planning to sell the cats for around £29,000. It is planning to target bereaved pet owners who have lost their feline.