Howard Stern has officially become a crazy cat lady.

Stern and his wife Beth adopted their fourth cat from the North Shore Animal League (NSAL) over the weekend, and they couldn’t be happier, prouder parents. Stern talked about his new cat “Charlie Boy” on Monday morning’s Howard Stern Show, telling his audience that there’s no greater feeling than liberating an animal from shelter life.

“There is nothing more rewarding than taking this 7 year old cat who’s been living in a cage for a year—and liberating him…You feel like you’ve actually freed the slaves!…I’m walking around like I’m Nelson Mandela…I felt so good. I had a good weekend…because I did something.”

The Stern’s new 17 pound black and white cat has been living in a cage at North Shore for the past 7 months. Beth Stern is the spokeswoman for the Long Island animal rescue group and frequently volunteers on site at the shelter.

Beth Stern and her new cat Charlie Boy
Beth Stern and her new cat Charlie Boy
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See video of Howard and Beth’s new cat “Charlie Boy” here


Howard and Beth have adopted three other cats from NSAL over the past two years: Apple, a special needs female tabby cat, Walter, an adult multicolored cutie, and Leon Bear, a massive long-haired black cat who was rescued via an Alabama shelter after a tornado in 2011.

Regardless of what you think of Howard Stern and his animal-loving wife, Beth, we love them because they support local shelter animals and help bring their plight to life through their celebrity.