8 Ideas to Celebrate Halloween with Your Cats

8 Ideas On Celebrating Halloween with Your Cats

The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are starting to turn… and Halloween is around the corner. Increasingly, pets are seen as family members and pet owners are looking for ways to celebrate holidays with their pets. And Halloween is no different.

Not All Cats Want To Wear a Cat Costume (most probably don’t)

While it can be fun to dress your pet up, please think of your pet’s welfare first over your own entertainment. Dogs are known to be more tolerant of being dressed up. Some cats don’t mind it – I’ve known many that are purrfectly content. But generally, most cats are not a fan… so please, never force your beloved kitty to wear a costume for your own entertainment. If your cat is unhappy, take the costume off.

With that out of the way, I picked out a few costumes from Chewy.com to share with you along with a few other fun ways to celebrate your cat without costumes. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Halloween Cat Costumes & Why I Like Them

Chewy.com has tons of costumes for cats and dogs alike. I went through their vast selection of Halloween catcostumes, many of which are small dog costumes, and selected a handful that I like particularly for cats.

Taco Tuesday Cat Costume

Taco Cat Costume


Taco Tuesday’s anyone? Your cat will look delicious in this tasteful taco costume! I like this one because it doesn’t interfere with your cat’s ears or other parts of the body that could be annoying to your pet. If your cat ever wears a shirt or jacket, I think this is one of the less restrictive costumes available.

Price: $14.99

Where to buy? Chewy.com

Cat Pizza Costume

pizza cat costume

Pizza anyone? This pizza cat costume has velcro closure around the neck and holes under “the slice” for their front paws. Reviews from cat owners say that it runs slightly large and that they like the velcro. This costume involves putting your cat’s front paws into holes that are below the pizza wedge with the pizza slice acting more as a cape. This one is probably for more laid back cats.

Current price: Less than $20

Where to buy? amazon.com

Lobster Cat Costume

cat in lobster costumeIf your cat looks good in red, consider this stunning red lobster costume. On one hand, I like that your cat’s paws and body are not constrained. However, if your cat has sensitive ears, you may want to consider another style as this hood may not feel that great on them.

Current price: Less than $9

Where to buy? Chewy.com

Cat Vampire Costume

vampire costume


If mystery is more your (cat’s) style, go for this vampire get up. I love this costume because it’s lightweight, has a velcro closure and it won’t constrain your cat. Owners who bought the vampire costume for their cat say that their cat liked it and they felt it was good quality for the price.

Current price: Less than $10

Where to buy? Chewy.com or check out others on Amazon


Your Cat’s Not Into Costumes? No Worries!

If your cat is not into wearing a costume, you’re definitely not alone. Many cats do not enjoy wearing clothes – and they will let you know immediately. If you still want to celebrate Halloween with your kitty, here are some other ideas that don’t involve dressing your cat up!

Trick or TREAT?

Get these limited edition Temptations Halloween cat treats to celebrate Fall and Halloween with your kitty! What’s Halloween without “kitty candy?”

Frisco Halloween Cat Tracks Cat Toy

halloween track toy

Is your cat a little devil sometimes? (yes…but mostly an angel, probably.) Well enjoy some quality playtime with this devil’s eye and bat track toy!

Price: $8.99

Where to buy? Chewy.com

Catnip Mummy and Coffin Cat Toy

Catnip mummy and coffin toy at chewy


Surprise your cat with this spooky mummy and coffin filled with catnip. Your cat will enjoy hours of batting, pouncing and playing with this little mummy and mini coffin!

Price: $3

Where to buy? Chewy.com

If nothing is giving you goosebumps, check out Chewy’s Halloween Shop for all of the cool Halloween stuff for you and your cats! Remember to keep your cats indoors on Halloween and away from other dangers like open flames and candy.