If you’re reading this, then you’re most likely already obsessed with cats – why else would you be on a cat blog? But it seems that corporations, whose products have nothing to do with cats, are using them to generate brand awareness. Have you noticed?

Cats are definitely having their moment (and it’s about time!) On one hand, I think it’s cute. After all, like you, I’m obsessed with everything “cat.” On the other hand, as a marketer, I think it’s an easy way to get attention but probably not the most effective way to sell your product.

Regardless – it’s fun to enjoy them. Here are some of this year’s commercials for companies that aren’t in the pet industry but feature cats nonetheless.

Allstate – Mayhem

Cravendale Milk – Cats with Thumbs

GEICO – A Witch for a Third Roommate

Hulu – Todd Gurley’s New Cat, Mr. Hulu, Catfluencer

Tetley Tea UK – Now We’re Talking

So which one was your favorite? Will these videos featuring cats in commercials influence your decision to buy these products? Comment below!

We’ll update this post if new commercial pop up through the end of the year if we find more cats in commercials in 2019!